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SHROOMZILLA comes ashore in Asia

After a rather lengthy journey by truck, train and boat, we finally delivered our first SE Asia SHROOMZILLA mushroom factory to the assembly site in Bangladesh! Its a small scalable factory with 5 ton per month mushroom production capacity. Due to the extreme climate we are developing an advanced low energy cooling package using our ATOM-STIRLING engine system, and also included a low-cost renegerative solution by adding a green-wall shading system, with a light steel arched support trellis and vine growing smart-planters that allow our on-site staff to experiment with various local vines and seasonal vegetation which grow to cover the arched structure and provide a natural cooling tunnel which flushes warm air from the mushgroom growing area and prevents over heating of the steel structures. The two attached 40 foot containers were designed in Japan and custom built to grow a variety of types and optimize an original mushroom variety best suited to local climate and market needs.

The client, BCSIR Bngladesh Council on Science and Industrial Research, is working with our team of expert mushroom growers from Japan and our PhD advisors to optimize our grow parameters so that we can expand production to underdeveloped agricultural regions in Bangladesh and SE Asia. The business model is a franchise operation that allows small farmers to participate with low capital start-up requirements. We are looking for a North America/South America partner to roll-out product there as well. Please PM me if interested.

The ATOMFARM mushroom production system is a truly scalable technology for lightweight regenerative agriculture, offering a sustainable solution to bolster food security worldwide. Its innovative approach not only addresses the needs of developed nations but also holds immense promise for the economies of developing countries. By harnessing the power of mycelium technology, this system can thrive in diverse environments, requiring minimal resources while yielding substantial outputs.

We have over 650 registered variety of Japanese mushrooms and can produce mother spore for our clients globally. We also work closely with each farmer to gather data on the success and weakness of each variety and deliver our shipping container farms with the ATOM-CORE which connects all sensors to our cloud for deep learning analysis and fine tuning or the moisture-humidity-temperature algorithm for our controllers.

One of its most significant advantages lies in its ability to empower local communities. By providing a platform for small-scale farmers and entrepreneurs, ATOM-FARM fosters economic independence and resilience. In addition to its economic benefits, ATOMFARM installations also promote education and knowledge-sharing within communities. By integrating mycelium technology into agricultural practices, it opens doors for experiential learning and skill development, empowering individuals to participate in sustainable farming practices and innovative industries. This holistic approach not only strengthens local economies but also nurtures a culture of environmental stewardship and self-sufficiency, laying the groundwork for a more resilient and prosperous future community development and cohesion.

Moreover, our system adds value to agricultural waste by transforming it into high-quality building materials like insulation panels and vegan leathers, further diversifying income streams and reducing environmental impact.

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