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Home greenhouses for year round fresh food growing.



Our smart grow boxes maintain ideal growing conditions with a hybrid low energy solar/LED smart systems to provide the right amount of light, humidity and heating/cooling at a minimized running cost. A low-cost reliable source of fresh natural foods and secure homes in the face of rising energy costs and climate instability.  The desire to grow at home is no longer limited by access to land. Our boxes and shipping container farm systems are the tools to get your farm started.  

Global food security, one house at a time.

3 Climate Zones

Choose the insulation package right for your location. For maximized high-performance growing in any climate with reduced energy costs, we offer 3 levels of insulation and power package for protection from the elements and year round production.    *all packages offer solar, wind, geothermal and large capacity battery, water and thermal storage options.


Our interior planters and ATOMWALL  systems use available natural lighting and ambient heating and cooling to create hybrid CEA spaces within homes and office in order to increase available food growing spaces within the near built environment.


Our ATOMCUBE hybrid greenhouse series use 70% less energy than comparable container farm systems, thereby reducing overall carbon footprint and the need for high-energy inputs and cost over runs of other vertical farm systems. 


Our ATOMFACTORY series of 10', 20' & 40' container farms  come with extreme weather options for super-insulated structures and advanced renewable energy options including our exclusive Stirling engine cooling/heating systems.

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Home Systems

Indoor growing systems for homes interiors, professional kitchens, schools, hospitals and community gardens. 



Compact grow rooms and greenhouses for homes, urban agriculture and small farmers.


Commercial Systems

Scalable growing systems delivered in 20' and 40' shipping containers for small farms and enterprise.


Sustainable growing systems for home food production in any environment.

  • passive solar greenhouses 

  • vertical hydroponics

  • LED automated lighting


Pure clean water supply for drinking and agriculture use.

  • atmospheric harvesting

  • rainwater collection

  • filtration & storage

  • waste water recycling


Solar PV and renewable energy production and battery storage systems with off-grid options.

  • solar pv & hot water

  • wood pellet stoves 

  • geo-thermal / heat pumps

Our Kitchen Technology

We offer the most advanced food processing technologies to our clients in a full array of smart kitchens with high energy efficiency, low water use and full array of cleaning, sorting, packaging and cold chain solutions. 


Each compact line is custom designed to optimize your productivity and provide ergonomic work stations.  Superior safety & health. HEPA clean room standards. 

Ask about our proprietary freezing, drying, and powderization systems.

Smart Kitchens

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