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Own Local, Live Global

The ATOM fractional ownership model offers an array of compelling benefits for home buyers seeking luxury, lifestyle and sustainability in a smart home investment.

Select Your Investment Level

🌟 Full Owner 

365 days/yr

Purchasing one of our homes as a residence or investment property entitles you to membership and stays across our other home locations in premiere locations around the globe. Rent out unused nights during business trips or vacations to create cash flow. It's a space to call your own, with the flexibility to make it work for you.

💫  Share Owner

10 - 30 nights/yr

Embrace flexibility with our Share Purchase option, allowing you to acquire units in increments of 10 days based on your lifestyle. Ideal for those looking to experience the unique lifestyle of ATOM VILLAGES for a limited time each year, this option provides a taste of our eco-friendly living without long-term commitment.

✨  Investors & Guests

from 1 night

Our Guest-Investor program is an opportunity to become a shareholder in the company. Stay at select members-only properties, for a vacation, work holiday or extended rental, and your accommodation fee can act as an investment making you an official shareholder in our company; entitled to annual reports, profit sharing and full membership access to various properties..

Remote Property Management

Monitor and track your property investment from anywhere in the cloud and let our comprehensive team ensure a hassle-free experience. We handle the day-to-day maintenance, rentals and upkeep of the property, leaving homeowners with peace of mind and more time to enjoy the benefits of ownership. Our commitment to providing a seamless and convenient solution for our investors and their guests.


株主 当社の選ばれた物件で一晩滞在することで、当社の株主になる選択肢があります。滞在費用を支払う代わりに、当社の株を購入し、物件の投資家となり、それにより一晩または長期の「賃貸」が可能となります。



フラクショナル・オーナーシップ -分数所有権

What is Fractional Ownership? 週末の投資用住宅の文脈での分割所有とは、複数の投資家が通常は週末の休暇や短期滞在用に用意された別荘などの不動産を共同で所有する共有所有モデルを指します。各投資家はその不動産の一部または株を取得し、年間特定の期間にわたりその住居を利用する権利を有します。この取り決めにより、投資家は週末の住宅を単独所有に伴う財政的および諸事務の責任なしに所有する利点を享受できます。分割所有は個人が不動産投資を多様化し、魅力的な場所にあるプレミアム物件にアクセスし、コストと責任を分担する機会を提供し、週末の避暑地を求める人々にとって実用的で柔軟な選択肢となります。

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The ATOM fractional ownership model offers an array of compelling benefits for home buyers seeking both luxury and sustainability. By purchasing a fraction of ownership in one of our exquisite sustainable homes, individuals have the opportunity to earn passive income. This income generation is facilitated by the flexibility to choose from various ownership options, including 10 days a year, 30 days a year, or full ownership.

  • Passive Income Opportunities

  • Flexible Ownership Options


Hassle-Free Property Management

Furthermore, our comprehensive management services ensure a hassle-free experience for selective clients. We handle the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the property, leaving homeowners with peace of mind and more time to enjoy the benefits of ownership. This approach underscores our commitment to providing a seamless and convenient solution for those looking to invest in luxury sustainable homes.

Beyond these financial advantages, our fractional ownership program opens the door to a world of possibilities. Home buyers have the unique privilege of staying at multiple locations within our catalog of residences in some of the world's most scenic and sought-after locations. This flexibility allows them to experience different destinations while maintaining the same level of luxury and sustainability they've come to expect from our properties.

  • Explore Multiple Scenic Locations

  • Consistent Luxury and Sustainability



"In a world where sustainability meets luxury, our homes and villages are redefining the concept of living. We're not just a housing provider; we're a vision for the future, where harmonious living with nature and cutting-edge eco features come together. Our mission is to offer a sanctuary that's not just a home but an experience, enriching your life and the planet.

  • Sustainable Luxury Living

  • Harmonious Living with Nature

  • Cutting-Edge Eco Features

Our business model revolves around providing sustainable housing that seamlessly integrates essential elements – food, water, energy, security, and eco-conscious features. Our homes are more than just walls; they are ecosystems designed to sustain and nourish life. With a humble yet transformative approach, we aim to shift the future towards sustainability, one residence at a time.

  • Integration of Essential Elements

  • Ecosystems for Sustainable Living

  • Transforming the Future  

Renowned for an architectural style that marries simplicity with functionality while pushing to erase the boundaries between the natural world and our built environment, Jacob Reiner (Cornell '93) designs and builds visionary sustainable homes, businesses, and communities for discerning clients around the world.

visit J A C O B  R E I N E R  A R C H I T E C T U R E



The ATOM-HOUSE fractional ownership model offers an array of compelling benefits for home buyers seeking luxury, lifestyle and sustainability in a smart home investment.

What is Fractional Ownership?

Fractional ownership in the context of weekend investment homes refers to a shared ownership model where multiple investors collectively own a property, typically a second home intended for weekend getaways or short-term stays. Each investor acquires a portion or share of the property, granting them the right to use the residence for a specified amount of time annually. This arrangement allows investors to enjoy the benefits of owning a weekend home without the financial and logistical responsibilities associated with sole ownership. Fractional ownership provides an opportunity for individuals to diversify their real estate investments, access premium properties in desirable locations, and share the costs and responsibilities, making it a practical and flexible option for those seeking a weekend retreat.


By staying a night in our of our selected properties, you have the option to become a shareholder in our company. Instead of paying for a night to stay, you can buy stock in our company and become a investor in the property yourself, and thus entitled to staying overnight or long term "rental".

Our selected properties are not hotels or vacation rental. Our exclusive residences are for company shareholders and members only. Through our system, you can own a share of your own in home across the world; Japan, NY, Hawaii etc.


Contact us for more information regarding our fractional ownership, NFT and Bitcoin options. Depending on the house location and local laws in the country, certain restrictions may apply.

Contact us for pricing and availability.
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