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One Place, Everything You Need

"A Building as a Village"

里山  Our design incorporates deep ecology and the traditional Japanese "Satoyama" where every home was attached to a small forest garden which provided a reliable source of fresh food, clean water, honey, herbal medicines and wood for heating and cooking while acting as a nature preserve and lifeline for the village.

Sustainable homes with integrated food production systems.

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Resource Circulation

Smart sensors direct the proper heating, cooling and humidity through the building, utilizing the passive solar venting and in-ground cooling systems.

Water Supply

Clean drinkable water is ensured with ample storage tanks, rainwater collection, bio-tope filters and UV purification.

Food Production

Fresh food is grown in the central greenhouse, balcony gardens, and edible landscape.  Residents can add modular farms and harvests jointly processed for value added product, sauces, teas etc. 

Energy Positive

A good building gives more than it takes. Our full roof Solar PV produces an every surplus of 2Kw per family.  Our food systems produce and recycle nutrients to reduce carbon foot print and create a net energy gain.


Our buildings provide all the comforts and necessities for modern sustainable living,  

ATOM   -     VILLAGE   -   '22  KAJIHARA 1000   -     NEW NEW NEW  BEST  NARUSAWA.jpg
Orchard - Peach, Citrus
Passive Heating/Cooling Core
24Kw Solar and Battery
Greenhouse and H2O filtration
Work Cafe
Garden Apartments
Mint Lavender Rosemary Hedge


Indoor gardens for year round comfort & growing


A home that provides a reliable source of fresh natural food, water and energy means security and peace of mind in the face of rising energy costs and changing climate.  Our ATOM TOWNHOUSE model meets the growing demand for sustainable lifestyle and home farming with a modular, affordable and ready-to-operate package for family residences, agri-resorts, and private retreats.

縁側 Garden Lifestyle

The traditional Japanese "Engawa" porchs connects the home and garden, a place for sipping tea and sorting beans, becoming a natural focal point of family life.

中庭 Naka Niwa

The inner sanctum of Nakaniwa

健康 Health & Spa

Light filled natural spaces with indoor pools, water features and vertical gardens provide residents a healing environment for exercise and relaxation.

Natural Materials

Pure Wood, Glass, Steel and Stone for homes built and engineer3ed to last for generations.


Central Greenhouse Spa & 8 Suites


Home gardening meets the 21st century.

Private Suites

  • Open Plan spacious interiors

  • Indoor/Outdoor decks and living

  • Stone Fireplaces

  • Pool and spa


  • 2 Bedroom Suite     60sqm (645sqft)

  • 3 Bedroom Suite     90sqm (960sqft)

  • Villa Residence       120sqm (1290sqft)     

Farm Output

  • Shitake & Oyster Mushrooms - 60kg/month

  • Wine Grape - 300 bottles per year

  • Fresh Egg - 25 per day

  • Kiwi - 220 kg/year