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Our Sustainability 
Modern Design x Ancient Wisdoms
We combine deep ecological processes with cutting edge technologies to create living homes. 

Think Global, Grow Local

Moving our planet towards a more balanced environment and sustainable society means reducing our current over consumption of resources and the wastes produced by designing smarter efficient systems to provide ourselves with food, shelter and energy. 

The Challenge

Our current global food security is at risk from an over dependence on a stable external climate, mass produced fertilizers and the high energy cost of international trade and shipping. 

Our Solutions

ATOMHOUSE provides modular building blocks for integrating food. water and energy production into the fabric of our homes, schools and businesses. 


Sustainable growing systems for home food production in any environment.

  • passive solar greenhouses 

  • vertical hydroponics

  • LED automated lighting


Pure clean water supply for drinking and agriculture use.

  • atmospheric harvesting

  • rainwater collection

  • filtration & storage

  • waste water recycling


Solar PV and renewable energy production and battery storage systems with off-grid options.

  • solar pv & hot water

  • wood pellet stoves 

  • geo-thermal / heat pumps

Resource Circulation

Smart sensors direct the proper heating, cooling and humidity through the building, utilizing the passive solar venting and in-ground cooling systems.

Water Supply

Clean drinkable water is ensured with ample storage tanks, rainwater collection, bio-tope filters and UV purification.

Food Production

Fresh food is grown in the central greenhouse, balcony gardens, and edible landscape.  Residents can add modular farms and harvests jointly processed for value added product, sauces, teas etc. 

Energy Positive

A good building gives more than it takes. Our full roof Solar PV produces an every surplus of 2Kw per family.  Our food systems produce and recycle nutrients to reduce carbon foot print and create a net energy gain.


Our buildings provide all the comforts and necessities for modern sustainable living,  

Earth Sheltered Foundations

Our buildings use the natural heating power of the sun and natural cooling power of the earth to reduce energy costs by up to 90%, and be resource positive and carbon neutral.   

Our Core Tech
  • The ATOMCORE is a smart home monitoring & energy management system that controls lighting, heating, cooling and integrated watering and growing spaces with cloud based AI and deep learning support to create the most energy efficient buildings available.
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