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Self-Sufficent Villages

Solar Electricity, Independent Energy, Water, and Food Production

Envision life in villages where electricity is produced onsite, and each village has independent and secure energy, water, and food production. Our clustered housing around a central farm and community space, along with detached homes and villas, creates a surplus of both food and energy.

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Sustainable Living Opportunities

Pre-Built Homes & Wait List Options

Explore the prospect of sustainable living with our pre-built homes or join the waiting list at our current locations. Our fully sustainable villages offer homes for sale and fractional ownership in communities located in select urban and rural settings, providing high-end eco-sustainable living options and features.


Simple Luxury Interiors

Natural Comforts and Modern Elegance

Our houses embody simple luxury interiors with warm wood finishes, stone, and ivy entrances that seamlessly merge natural comforts with modern elegance. Stainless steel kitchens, high-end appliances, and indoor/outdoor dining spaces define functional sophistication. Integrated surround sound, garden lighting, and water features enhance the ambiance, while cedar walk-in closets provide practical luxury. Rotenburo Japanese outdoor soaking tubs, hardwood decks, and private gardens offer moments of tranquility. Family rooms, private work nooks, lap pools, multi-car garages, and secure rooms cater to various needs. Wine cellars and rooftop gardens complete the spectrum of offerings, ensuring every corner is a testament to refined living. Welcome to a world where simplicity meets luxury in perfect harmony.


Nature-Integrated Buildings

Low-Energy, Super Insulated Structures with Japanese Influence

Live in homes that integrate nature into your lifestyle, featuring low-energy, triple-insulated structures inspired by Scandinavian energy efficiency requirements. Designed in Japan by our architectural and engineering team led by eco-architect Jacob Reiner, each building is made with all-natural materials of glass, wood, and stone.


Steel and Concrete Frames, Smart Home Technologies

Our buildings are constructed to last for generations, utilizing durable steel and concrete frames with fire, hurricane, and earthquake-resistant construction. Enjoy extremely advanced smart home systems for energy-efficient heating, cooling, and security, ensuring a sustainable and comfortable living experience.



Climate-Adaptive and Flood-Proof Villages

100% Energy Self-Sufficient Living

Secure climate-adaptive and flood-proof villages that are 100% energy self-sufficient. With solar photovoltaic, advanced LED lighting, passive solar greenhouses, geothermal heat pumps, cooling towers, wind, and micro-hydro power, our villages are designed for a resilient and sustainable lifestyle.


Advanced Growing Technologies

ATOM FARM LABS and Innovations in Indoor Growing

Benefit from our proprietary growing systems developed in ATOM FARM LABS. Each village location houses one of these labs, where our team of PhD researchers and engineers pioneers advanced technologies for indoor growing. Our ATOM-CORE technology monitors and controls Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) functions for optimal productivity.

Innovative Agriculture and Wine Production

World-Class Wasabi, Mushroom, Strawberry, and Wine Grape Technologies

Experience innovative agriculture with our team's creation of world-class technologies for wasabi, mushroom, strawberry, and wine grape production. Powered by ATOM-CORE technology, we ensure precise control over soil nutrients, temperature, humidity, O2, and CO2 levels. On-site, we produce wine from our own grapes using augmented growing methods.

Regenerative Farming and Agri Solutions

High-Tech Japanese Agriculture and Smart Farm Partnerships


Participate in regenerative farming with high-tech Japanese agri solutions and partnerships with emerging tech and smart farm start-ups. Each location is planted with climate-specific species, incorporating greenhouses and LED augmented agriculture for year-round harvests and regenerative practices.

Community Integration and Recreational Activities

Secluded Locations and Outdoor Recreation

Own a home in secluded locations, less than a 2-hour commute from major urban settings, with access to amazing outdoor recreational activities. Enjoy skiing, hiking, biking, fishing, hunting, agroforestry, and more, fostering a sense of community and connection with nature.

Equestrian Resort, Hokkaido, Japan

We offer comprehensive architectural design and planning services for sustainable community and agri resort development, encompassing master planning, land use analysis, aerial renderings, 3D walk throughs, etc.  Bringing innovative and environmentally conscious concepts to fruition.

Renowned for an architectural style that marries simplicity with functionality while pushing to erase the boundaries between the natural world and our built environment, Jacob Reiner (Cornell '93) designs and builds visionary sustainable homes, businesses, and communities for discerning clients around the world.


J A C O B  R E I N E R  A R C H I T E C T U R E


Sustainable growing systems for home food production in any environment.

  • passive solar greenhouses 

  • vertical hydroponics

  • LED automated lighting


Pure clean water supply for drinking and agriculture use.

  • atmospheric harvesting

  • rainwater collection

  • filtration & storage

  • waste water recycling


Solar PV and renewable energy production and battery storage systems with off-grid options.

  • solar pv & hot water

  • wood pellet stoves 

  • geo-thermal / heat pumps


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