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里山 Satoyama. Traditional Japanese sustainable homesteads come to town.

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

Each family of the small mountain villages of traditional Japan had a small mountain forest called Satoyama attached to the home where they would gather wild vegetables, tend bamboo for building materials and tender shoots to eat in spring, gather firewood and natural herbs. By providing stewardship over this small plot, the residents were able to live sustainably off the land and by protecting the balance of the grove, also provide fresh water, food and energy for themselves.

Our Garden Homes bring the function of a traditional Satoyama to the modern neighborhood. Built in planting spaces around a private garden and light filled interiors surrounded with natural greenery create a sheltering oasis of comfort in a modern solar home. Read more....

農民のシンプルな生活。 果物やハーブ用のコンパクトな自家栽培システムで造園された屋内のサンルームと庭。 The simple life of a farmer. Indoor sunroom and garden landscaped with compact home growing systems for fruits and herbs.

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