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Modular Mushroom Factories


Nippon Shitake Mushroom

Agaricales varieties

Lion's Mane Mushroom

Russulales varieties

Oyster Mushroom 

Pleurotus varieties

Fresh Natural Mushrooms

Grown local everywhere

Modular Fit
Get the right sized solution for you. Our 10ft, 20ft and 40ft fruiting rooms let expand harvest capacity over time and you grow within your means.
  • Shroom Cube   125kg/month

  • Shroom 20        250kg/month

  • Shroom 40        500kg/month

                         * average monthly target yield.  


Cube 10'    Shroom 20'   Shroom 40'


at your fingertips


Mushroom growing systems for homes, restaurants and small farmers.

Mushroom Systems
Portable Mushroom Growing Systems

Climate controlled shipping container based vertical farms with self regulating grow systems for consistent high-yield production in any location.

  • High efficiency - Low running cost

  • Radiant Floor Heating Options

  • Global Delivery


Sustainable Business Systems, Ready Made & Delivered

Grow In

Any Weather

Home Systems

Indoor growing systems for homes interiors, professional kitchens, schools, hospitals and community gardens. 

Micro-farm Systems 

Compact grow rooms and greenhouses for homes, urban agriculture and small farmers.

Container Systems

Scalable growing systems delivered in 20' and 40' shipping containers for small farms and enterprise.

Buy a Box

Order a Shroombox to suit your space. You can add on more over time...

Select a Subscription

Mushroom kits delivered to your location.  Choose your varieties and set  harvest schedule. 

Grow & Eat

Just add water. Our boxes optimize humidity, temp and light. 

Franchise Opportunity

We are looking for franchising partners to build and operate our micro-factories to produce and sell our mushroom blocks subscription service for ShroomBox and Shroom Container clients.


We support with on-going training, data analysis to improve and localize the variety, mother-spore, marketing and management of subscribers, and a profit sharing agreement on generated income.  We have 600 registered varieties and developing more.  We are also organizing a lab to develop mycellium based materials; insulation panels, packaging, fuels etc. to offer in the near future.

Grow Your Own
Our easy to operate Shroomboxes produce high-quality all-natural mushrooms in any environment.  Select from our unique varieties or develop your own special blend.  


Grow a selection of the finest varieties of mushrooms available.  Our independent chambers allow for multiple grow regimes to allow for year round production and easy expansion for different varieties.


Customizable and fully automated temperature, moisture and air flow system requires minimal labor for maximum yield.



Ensuring quality control with sealed spaces for washing, drying and packing. 

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