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All Season Home

Central Arch Room, Indoor/Outdoor Fireplace, (Pellet Stove options)

Starting at
60 sqm
*   Custom size and floor plan.
** Optional food, water and energy packages.

Resource Circulation

Smart sensors direct the proper heating, cooling and humidity through the building, utilizing the passive solar venting and in-ground cooling systems.

Water Supply

Clean drinkable water is ensured with ample storage tanks, rainwater collection, bio-tope filters and UV purification.

Food Production

Fresh food is grown in the central greenhouse, balcony gardens, and edible landscape.  Residents can add modular farms and harvests jointly processed for value added product, sauces, teas etc. 

Energy Positive

A good building gives more than it takes. Our full roof Solar PV produces an every surplus of 2Kw per family.  Our food systems produce and recycle nutrients to reduce carbon foot print and create a net energy gain.


Our buildings provide all the comforts and necessities for modern sustainable living,  

Contact us for pricing and availability.


Our customized wooden louvers and sliding glass wall systems provide all season comfort in any weather. Select a climate packages whether you live in temperate winter zones or tropical locations. Our smart heating and cooling systems reduce utility costs and carbon foot print.
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