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    Smart Wall - Self Watering Planter

    Brand Name: Vozzisoue
    Usage Condition: FLOOR
    Finishing: Not Coated
    Style: Modern
    Model Number: 101
    Used With: Flower/Green Plant
    Set Type: Yes
    Type: Nursery Pots
    Material: Plastic
    Plastic Type: ABS
    Characteristic: Corrosion Resistance,Strong,Durable,Self-absorbent,Not Easy To Deform
    Application Scenario: Home Gardening,Balcony Vegetable Garden,Home Furnishings,Office
    Use Form: Floor,Desktop,Combined
    Autowatering Pot: Wall Planter Flower Pot Plants Pots For Flowers Indoor Plant Pot
    Bonsai Pot: Pot Pour Plante Wall Planter Plastic Pot Plant Tiestos Para Plantas
    Self Watering Pot: Planten Pot Air Plant Holder Bloempot Bulbasaur Planter Plantenpot
    Indoor Plant Pot: House Plant Plastic Pots Flowerpots for Flowers Nordic Pot Vertical
    Smart Plant Pot: Decorative Flower Pots Indoor Pots For Plants Self Watering Planter
    Plastic Pots for Planting: Mini Pots for Plants Garden Vertical Hydroponics System to Grow Home
    Auto Watering Indoor Plants: Indoor Grow Kit Nutrients Hydroponics Grows Culture Raised Garden Bed

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