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  • Berry Tower

Berry Tower

Color Scheme

All Season Home Growing.  For the home gardener or small farmer, our micro greenhouses lets you grow fresh picked berries, fruit and other crops year round.  

  • Passive Solar design for low-energy cost

    LED lights with seasonal timer for extending fruiting season

    Available with cloud controlled environment - heating, cooling & humidity 

    Capacity - 180 plants

    Production - 125kg to 200kg per year  *

    Insulated up to R50


    *based on average yields. results may vary

  • North America, Japan, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Dubai. Other countries please inquire.

Start Your Order

Choose your model, size and features. Contact us to get an updated price and shipping quotation.  Delivery and availability may depend on location.

Contact us for pricing and availability.

*    Materials, dimensions, pricing, finishing etc are for discussion purposes only and subject to change.

**  Prices are listed for reference and may change due to location, options, materials and availability.

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