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Sustainable homes with integrated food production systems.

Building the 21st Century Lifestyle​
ATOM designs, build and delivers sustainable homes with compact food growing systems to meet the increasing demand from families, communities and small businesses for local food security.


Integrated food, water & energy production.

​Sustainable Living Delivered
Our catalog of modular farms, smart homes and micro factories can be added to homes, schools and workplaces to provide a safe, secure and renewable supply of food, water and energy in any location.

Compact Growing Systems


Modular Eco Homes 


Apartments & Community

Single and Multi Family
For family farms, schools, residential developments and community agriculture. 

News & Updates

Follow our product developments, company updates and lab news.


Home greenhouses for year round fresh food growing.

Natural Homes  |  Modern Comfort  |  Smart Communities

Sustainable architectural design, planning and construction services for residences, boutique farms, real estate development and small agri businesses.


Forest Aerial View


Family Homes  |  Resort Retreats  |  Farm Community

住宅                        リゾート                        農場     

​We provide full services for rural and urban sustainable community development.

Master planning, architecture and landscape design, farm establishment, and boutique organic product development, 

Contact us for pricing and availability.
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Sustainable growing systems for home food production in any environment.

  • passive solar greenhouses 

  • vertical hydroponics

  • LED automated lighting


Pure clean water supply for drinking and agriculture use.

  • atmospheric harvesting

  • rainwater collection

  • filtration & storage

  • waste water recycling


Solar PV and renewable energy production and battery storage systems with off-grid options.

  • solar pv & hot water

  • wood pellet stoves 

  • geo-thermal / heat pumps

"Natural Harmony: Eco-Friendly Interiors"Our homes are crafted using natural materials such as interior woods, stone, and glass, creating a healthy and inviting environment. These materials not only contribute to a visually stunning aesthetic but also promote a sense of well-being. With ample natural light filtering through the spaces, our homes are filled with warmth and vitality, enhancing the overall living experience. By embracing nature-inspired design elements, we prioritize sustainability and eco-consciousness in every aspect of our interiors.

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